North Greenwich Station

North Greenwich Underground Station and Bus Depot

3D Media Solutions are extremely proud of our relationship with London Underground and many of the contractors that work within the TFL world. Health and Safety is paramount around London Underground and this project has enhanced and enlightened our clients approach to Health and Safety throughout their company.

We shot the station over 2 nights, a majority of which the station was closed. Our main aim was to create a 3D walkthrough tour of all the public areas for the lead cleaning contractor to create a piece of media to be used in a classroom to familiarise operatives with not only the environment they would be working in, but the methods, procedures and hazards that exist within a London Underground station. This particular 3D tour is now used throughout our clients training process and is the core of their learning process.

Operatives are required to explore the 3D tour, opening all the embedded buttons and digesting the information in order to be able to answer a series of questions at the end of their training session. This is proving to be a very effective, interesting and engaging way to convey important Health and Safety knowledge.

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